Kimono Equivalency Chart
for women

This is a chart of the levels of formality for each kimono and their "Western Equivalent."  There is much, much more information included in the full chart, such as what types of obiage and obijime to use with each kimono down to what color socks to wear.
kurotomosode afternoon dress, evening dress
irotomosode afternoon dress, evening dress
furisode afternoon dress, evening dress
houmongi long dress, cocktail dress
tsukesage long dress, cocktail dress
iromuji      [with crests]
            [without crests]
long dress, cocktail dress
a dress suit, one-piece dress
komon a silk or chiffon print one piece dress
blouse and skirt
tsumugi casual sweater and skirt/slacks
ki-wata/asa casual sweater and skirt, T-shirt and jeans
yukata T-shirt and jeans

Mori, Kayou. Kiso kara Hajimete Kanzen Master: Hitori de Kicitto
Kitsuke & Obi Musubi. Chiyota: PHP Institute, 2005. 88-89.

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