Get ready to make a hot dog in the microwave.  Curse as you remember that they still haven't gotten a microwave for your floor, even though you've asked about it several times.   Prepare to boil your hot dog instead.  Put the hot dog in to boil at “Hi”.  Forget to check clock.  When you finally realize that you forgot to check the clock, add on five minutes onto current time, but decide to just round it up to six or seven minutes just to have a nicer finish time, like 10 past.  While hot dog is boiling, cut around the dried part of the cheese.  Pitch dried portion of `cheese' into the garbage can.  Hopefully the hot dog is done by now.   Put cheese slices on tortilla, pick out hot dog from water with chopsticks and put on cheese.  Leave food while you drain and rinse the wok.  Don't wash it, that would be too easy.  Put wok on to heat on setting 4 (You can't really know if this is “medium high” or “medium” just guess.  You couldn't figure it out from the dial anyway.)  Fold down top and bottom of quesadilla. Desperately try and roll hot dog inside of quesadilla while the dried bread cracks.  Give up.  Add oil, then put hot dog into the wok.  Keep rolling the quesadog so that the precariously wrapped hot dog doesn't come out.  Hope that the oil will loosen up the bread so that it doesn't rip.  Curse as you are completely wrong as a rip forms right next to the cheese.  Continue to roll the quesadog for 2-3 minutes until you realize it isn't browning at all.  Turn up dial to “5”.  Quesadog should now be semi triangular in wrap.  Brown 3 sides in turn.  Pick up and put back onto the plate.  Now you can wash your wok.  Now don't forget to take 2 or 3 trips bringing all your stuff back into your room.  Eat.

Notes: This actually turned out extremely well.  I enjoyed eating it very much.  Not bad for leftover ingredients at all.  I will definitely make this again sometime.  Preferably with fresh cheese and tortillas.

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