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I ate

I forgot my digital camera (whhhhhhy) so I don’t have a lot of [cellphone] photos, but here they are.  I was at Kamigamo Shrine.

Presents!  (to me from me)


a parent and child set (bell)

konpeito/star candies (I liked the rabbit with holly)

and the required socks and towel

As an added bonus, since the socks are for size 25-27 CM feet, they fit with no stretching!



hard, pressed sugar/flour: ginko leaves, ginko nuts, pine leaves, maple leaves, chrysanthemum

wafers glazed with pickled plum salt/paste

The wafers were good!



Sweets my neighbor brought to me:

wafer with yuzu paste

mizu youkan? in a thin layer of sugar

cookie lollipop with super-orangey cream