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More stuff from when I was wandering around.



Oh blind people, if only you could see how amazing this is.

I don’t know how this works.  The visually impaired will be able to find this.  (At the same time, they’d be just as able to find the handrail.)  Completely blind people will never know it’s even there.


image32xxx yen bath stool (roughly equivalent to $320) at Takashimaya


Osamu Tezuka World in Kyoto Station

Daimonji (dai, big)



Shiso does a trick.

By coincidence, Shiso seems to be very, very hungry.

She doesn’t want to get onto the swing on her own, for some reason, so I’m holding it so she has to get on it.  She has been trying to sneak under then wants a treat…  I probably shouldn’t give it to her, but I do since I appreciate the effort.