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I ate

I forgot my digital camera (whhhhhhy) so I don’t have a lot of [cellphone] photos, but here they are.  I was at Kamigamo Shrine.

Presents!  (to me from me)


a parent and child set (bell)

konpeito/star candies (I liked the rabbit with holly)

and the required socks and towel

As an added bonus, since the socks are for size 25-27 CM feet, they fit with no stretching!

Just like branding, but worse, somehow.

for those of you who want peace and harmony

comforting BROWN calming

The color of mother earth always surrounds and protects you. After you rest your wings, fly towards tomorrow.

domestic luck UP!

feng shui towel

(This was enclosed with a purchase as a gift. I would certainly not buy something so insane, even if it was a towel.)

Towel Gift

The question that should never be asked aloud.