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Hamster Photo Shoot

Mmm, sexy.

I was trying to get a photo of him digging into the blanket, but ended up with those.

Cat Hazing

Blacky sleeping a little too deeply.I missed?
Waking up?Snapped out of it?

Cuddle time!

sleeping in the wheel together
I wanted to make sure I got one before waking them.

sleeping in the wheel together
(cropped to remove testicles :’D)

sleeping in the wheel together
They shifted around a bit, but still didn’t want to wake up.

sleeping in the wheel together
Still not wanting to get up, but they sure don’t trust me.

An example…

Just an example of how massive and scary their testicles have become. (They used to at least have hair covering them, but the testicles seem to be extending out and creating bald skin.)



best one?


Tiny hamster, big testicles.

They’re cute from the front, but from the back…

hamster in hand


Hamster Bomb

Not sure how this happened?