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The Check-Out Line at Walmart


The racks next to the check-outs are always there for impulse buys, but…

In case you missed it:

“Looks like we have a large portion of our shoppers buying dust remover… sometimes with snacks.  Better put them near the check out.” [Dust Off  (via Snopes)]

I’d like to think I’m not an alarmist, but I can’t come up with any good reasons why “Dust Remover” should be there.  Unless they’re somehow monitoring sales by keeping them near a clerk (in theory)…  I’m not so hopeful.


Gummi Vitamins

While I approve of both Omega 3 supplements and gummy anything, this is a bit… strange.

But it’s USB powered, you don’t have one of those!

“personal cubicle humidifier”

Yes, people have cubicles.  Yes, people like moisture.  Yes, people like USB power.  But something about a machine that sprays water relatively close to electronics is pretty confusing.

You can never have enough school spirit!

Or for that matter, you can never have too much over-marketing.

lip balm

local highschool “branded” lip balm

Quick Marketing How-tos



  • How to re-market “polar fleece” winter pants:


Make them into booty shorts!  Brilliant.

  • How to market to an “environmentally conscious” “hip” crowd already buying candy wrapper bags:


Steal the wrappers off the printer.  Brilliant!

Please note there is no way that these are NOT recycled because
1) the packages have not been cut apart on the Oreo bag.
2) The straw holes have not been opened on the Capri Sun bag.