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2/18/2010- 2/4/2012♥

Shiso does a trick.

By coincidence, Shiso seems to be very, very hungry.

She doesn’t want to get onto the swing on her own, for some reason, so I’m holding it so she has to get on it.  She has been trying to sneak under then wants a treat…  I probably shouldn’t give it to her, but I do since I appreciate the effort.

Shiso pictures






Tiny ham is serious about eating that [cornstarch] dog bone.  Time with bone – 9 days.

New Ham

I call her…


She’s a blue saphire (I think someone has never seen blue) Djungarian hamster.  I was going to try for a pair in the cage since it’s so big, but in the end it didn’t take much to get me to not to.  I ended up with 5 cages at once (4 was bad enough) when Shiro decided that she wanted Kuro dead, and I don’t need to repeat that.
Anyway, where I was going with that is that I have a bad sense of humor.  So because she’s blue I was going to go with aojiso, but to keep it short, just Shiso.

I tried to give her some yam-

[“… tempting…”]
and she tried it

but in the end, it didn’t work out.


Here are some shots of the house-

Not bad for 1580 at a recycled goods store, the rabbit heater was 960.  I had to cut off a bit of plastic so the surfaces were flush, but it was much better than cutting open or bending some bars and/or creating a possible escape route.  She’s already dug out down to the floor so she can sleep on it.  It’s goddamn cold here to me too.

If you say “but there’s no water bottle” you are very observant.  I totally forgot the set-up didn’t have one (it came with a house and two toilets.)  Shiso is just going to have to deal with a Skippy lid that I found for a bit.

Here are a few pictures where you can see her fur:

Not the best picture (out of focus- scaled down,) but there will always be more.

I kind of found the box interesting, probably because I worked at a pet store:

A cute little printed box with the catch-phrase “always together.” Not really gendered, unless you count the flowers and the pink lettering.  I wouldn’t have thought of gender at all, under normal circumstances. 
There were care notes on the side of the package, mostly about not stressing your pet out, but no mention of leaving them alone for a few days.  [n.b. aside from when I was taking pictures, Shiso’s been left alone.]  It also heavily implies that you just bought the cage too, since it gives advice on how to set it up.
On the other hand (in this case, opposite side) you have the beetles:

with the phrase: “cool [,]our[masc.] buddies” 
I’d call that pretty gendered.  I’d like to try keeping a beetle, but I kind of don’t want to get into setting up the perfect cage.  [I’d also be hard pressed to name an animal I didn’t want to try keeping, to be fair.]  (There were care notes for the beetles on the side as well.)

That’s it, I’m sick of fighting the internet.