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Old CDs

After looking for a Better than Ezra CD with a song I don’t even own I came across a few CDs I had stored because they were not listened to often enough to warrant CD sleeve space. Super nostalgic. The reason they’re not listened to should only be because I don’t have time to listen to them.
It makes me sad that the way I feel about certain music is unique to me. I should probably enjoy the fact that my (and everyone else’s) response is unique. Still, it makes me sad I can’t share how special some songs are to me. It makes me feel even more lonely, not that I wasn’t feeling lonely before.
It’s strange how I’ll vaguely recognize a song, but truly remember the same feeling the song brought up who knows how long ago.
Is it wrong to be nostalgic for things past when you were a preteen? I remember listening to my CDs all the way through every night. This was when I could get 6 hours of sleep a night and be perfectly awake and active for the rest of the day. Most of the time it feels like I’ve lost more than just ‘spare’ time, especially tonight.

Guess what my dog caught today? Though, he doesn’t seem too happy about it. Also doesn’t seem to have much choice about it. Just a bad day in general, I guess.
And a close-up before the big finale:


*caught and released to a nearby park (in kimono… while being stared at)

Map of Fairfax County

map of Fairfax County

*Do not actually use map.


I have the coolest door ever:
It’s sad that I don’t notice it more often.


It’s not fair I have to pay $.75 less for a single card than I have to pay for a 300 page magazine.


I feel stupid with my elbow-high black driving gloves. Still, I feel even stupider with excessively tanned monkey arms. Why does my teacher use water to erase a DRY-erase marker? It doesn’t work well at all. He spends 5 times as long waiting for the water to dry, not to mention the waste of paper towels…