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Shojo Manga

I will admit I will buy Cheese and The Margret (one-shot compilations) without even looking at their covers.  (Leading me to accidentally buy a “sociopaths, rapists, and sociopathic rapists” special issue. T___T)  I only realized today that the cover said this…

speech bubble: Marry me.

What would you do if a man you just met for the first time suddenly proposed to you?

16 Virgin Load


Just… Sigh.

[Anyway, Virgin Road is Japanese-English for the aisle of a church (that a bride walks down.)]


While I’m at it, I had some serious issues with the LEADING comic (the prime spot- first in the book, plus a cover) of Cheese.

“彼の思いを Say you love me? 伝える方法” by Mea Sakisaka (芽亜咲坂) begins with the tagline “Ami, who hates English (language) is being taught by the British person Will!?”

To say she hates “English” would be inaccurate.   She hates any and all foreigners because she was scared by a man in a mask at a Halloween party when she was a small child and peed her pants.  Because at 16 or whatever that is still appropriate.

She’s not alone though…

Also a completely appropriate reaction to accidentally having ink splashed on your face by a person you just met.

(n.b. I honestly can’t force myself to clean up the images any more than this, it just isn’t worth my time.)

Yes, it is a revelation that foreigners smile.  (Also, note the completely appropriate freak out when she uses ‘American’ English.)  The “I hate goddamn foreigners (cry)” is calligraphy she wrote earlier.  (He complimented her on her beautfull[sic] letters as well.)

Later, they go to a flower-viewing party and the women are catty bitches and the men are drunk and try to strip our “heroine” in the middle of a public park.  Because, I mean, that’s what foreign people DO right?

Will gets mad and says

(censored- while “shit,” “bugger,” and “bastard” were not) to the horror of the catty bitches who say

Just to emphasize, in a little over 20 pages he’s snapped once at someone he met for the first time, curses frequently on other occasions, and gets mad frequently over things like “sweater” as opposed to “jumper” (as British English say.)

WILL USED VULGAR LANGUAGE.  It’s nice to know that all characters, and not just the main ones, are equally stupid and oblivious.  (They don’t miss a beat and continue being bitchy, at least.)

Anyway, Will says something unintelligible (“——“) in English then apologizes in Japanese for some reason and then goes back to England.  After boarding fright[sic] 17 bound for Edinburgh, Ami arrives in London for… some reason.

Surprise!  Will is at the airport and now speaks perfect Japanese, and even uses fairly complex grammar. (日本語を話せるようになりたくてこっちの大学で必死で勉強したんだ。 どうしても君に伝えたい言葉があったから。)

Ami, on the other hand

is still unable to use verbs (omitted) and can’t use the appropriate “question word.”

Anyway, the reason he left Japan was because he didn’t know how to propose to her in Japanese.  After knowing her for a few weeks and being unable to communicate.


In a way, they totally goddamn deserve each other because they are clearly on the same level.  But omfg who let this woman write a comic AND put it as the lead story WITH A COVER.

I honestly hope that she was told to fuck off when she asked an English speaker to check her work and that’s why nothing is correct.

I will continue to think that because it is only thing that gives me hope for humanity.