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rockin’ the number plate

I tend to see this fairly often and it baffles me.

a jikoushiki plate

Why on earth would you want it to be EASIER to see your license plate, let alone a randomly generated ID.   (They don’t do vanity plates here.)

someone’s beloved car


DO NOT cut them off



The bird is the word,



(Yes, I know that’s technically actually a “y.”)


The DMV needs to learn about “”


for the record, that’s “Vah JJ”

That said, if “vah-jay-jay” can be published on the cover of a magazine, I’m not sure it’s still “uncommon.”


I hate Pocky.


There is probably no snack food as overrated as Pocky.  The fan-frenzy it causes is disproportionate, even if you do “sort of like it” (which I assume is as much as you possibly could like Pocky.)

Still, come on…

freaking pocky

At least devote your license plate to a snack that deserves it!

bagel chips