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Satoshi, dude.


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Nose Celebrity

I was trying to decide on which tissues to buy in half an aisle’s worth, when I saw this staring at me.

So I thought “It’s a good thing I don’t like rabbits that much otherwise I’d FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF[*insert brain stopping here*]”

The last one might be a llama, but it is an alpaca to me.

I was putting them away and thought “I’ll use the rabbit first, I’ll save the hamster for last.”  And once I put away two boxes, I realized the only one left out was the hamster box.  Nice try, subconscious, but you already won earlier when I bought the damn tissues.

Hamster Tissues and Soft Erasers


First, the tissues:

I was good, I only got two and not the full set from the ‘soft’ type erasers.  (Kind of like a putty… great for when you need to fiddle with something in class.)   Really, really, really good.  [Probably the largest amount of hamster-print stuff at The Daiso is erasers.]

In case you missed it, don’t read Japanese, or can’t see through a flash,

that’s “futori sugi-” or “too fat.”  That’s right kids, you don’t want to learn crap like “eating is ok” as a 5 year-old from your hamster erasers.  You have to instill unhealthy habits that become eating disorders early.