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Hamster Tissues and Soft Erasers


First, the tissues:

I was good, I only got two and not the full set from the ‘soft’ type erasers.  (Kind of like a putty… great for when you need to fiddle with something in class.)   Really, really, really good.  [Probably the largest amount of hamster-print stuff at The Daiso is erasers.]

In case you missed it, don’t read Japanese, or can’t see through a flash,

that’s “futori sugi-” or “too fat.”  That’s right kids, you don’t want to learn crap like “eating is ok” as a 5 year-old from your hamster erasers.  You have to instill unhealthy habits that become eating disorders early.

Anatomically Correct Fruit Snacks

fruit snack

Mmm, pancreas and gall bladder…


Sorry you can’t see too well, but it’s a three parted orange. You know how there’s sometimes a smaller orange near the navel? This one had three. Oddly enough, they all tasted different. The largest part tasted normal. The middle part is bitter. The smallest part tasted more like water than anything else.
orange wedge



Sitting in a car eating a peach.

Hoping that the popping noise coming from the pit

really isn’t my tooth cracking.


This is the last time I think I’ll eat something without looking:
Just kidding. I ate him and all his siblings.


First off: I would like to applaud the Cosmos on perfect timing. I was just reading the last line of the last section of my comic when my dryer load ended. Somehow that was very gratifying.

On a only vaguely related note: I was going to make some soba with butter, then I thought; ‘Hey, I’m going to bed, I don’t want to wake up starving especially since I’ll be too late for brunch, I’ll make me some yakisoba (fried noodles, in this case, ramen).’ So I did right. But I put in too much oil. Now I need something to settle my stomach, namely soba with butter. Life really sucks.

note to self= never buy mini-sausages again, they don’t go with anything

note to others= never buy mini-sausages, they don’t go with anything