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I’ve had enough, really

After restarting my computer maybe … 8?… times it’s finally working. What was it? I don’t know. I’d type “<” in the “title” section of this page I’m using to add entries to my blog and it gives me crap about how C++ isn’t working. Damned if I know what it was. All I know is that I’m angry.

This whole thing started after my “m” key wasn’t working. It doesn’t work a lot. The “m” key, the “1” key and “Tab” keys all don’t work from time to time. But I can’t give up an even barely working computer for 2 weeks. I need to get home and use the computer I’m forbidden to so much as touch without permission (I’m told that “[I]’ll break it”) so that I can at least use IM, etc. Arg, I hate this stupid computer. Yeah, you heard me computer, I hate you.


I like ads that insult me

They just called me ugly.

Hmm… (Blogs)

There seems to be a lot more blogs and a lot less content. Not that I have much to say in mine. But I can spell (most of the time) and am literate. Which seems to be more than can be said for new blogs listed on the Tripod Blog Main Page… I’m not talking about today specifically, just in general.

I really don’t think 400 people need to put up blogs about the war. There’s no real information on those blogs, and of that I’m pretty sure. Besides, anyone who feels strongly enough about the war (pro- or anti-) to make a blog is probably too fanatical for anyone else to agree with them.