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Toasty Skirt


Look, if you wear skirts in winter for fashion reasons against all common sense, possibly taping a hand-warmer to your back, this skirt negates the fashion reasons part (totally.) Wear pants.



And neither of them could get an acting job. (source)


Naked Cruise?


Most terrifying cruise ever?

Quick Marketing How-tos



  • How to re-market “polar fleece” winter pants:


Make them into booty shorts!  Brilliant.

  • How to market to an “environmentally conscious” “hip” crowd already buying candy wrapper bags:


Steal the wrappers off the printer.  Brilliant!

Please note there is no way that these are NOT recycled because
1) the packages have not been cut apart on the Oreo bag.
2) The straw holes have not been opened on the Capri Sun bag.