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Nothing like taking the family to the convenience store to buy fried chicken together on Christmas Eve.

“Let’s buy prechick, and go home together.”

(prechick being the abbreviation for “premium chicken” that was coined by probably literally no one else before this point)

I think an American moved in


Christmas bouquet

Sorry for the bad photo, I didn’t want to take another after the security guard walked by but didn’t say anything.

painted pinecones on painted branches

X’mas Train


I don’t know why Santa is reading a book about reindeer upside down.


So knowing I had a Sailor Moon (licensed) tree I tried my best to make the tree vomitacularly awful.  Unfortunately, it is tasteless but still don’t feel it has quite passed into the ironically bad category.  Here it is before I added the ornaments:

Why yes, those are artificial roses!  Thanks for asking.

And now for the Sailor Moon bits-

“Sailor Moon S”


The ornaments outside of their plastic cases-

The box and the not-so-licensed accessories and stuff-


And now… the tree-


The obligatory present shot:


And dinner-

Tonight’s unifying theme is “I have ADD and should never walk away from a stove.”

The burnt bits on the chicken actually made it taste more like roast chicken.

Why yes, those are flying reindeer (some wearing scarves,) stars, and crosses.  And yes, you can be jealous. (Thanks for the cake, Virginia!)


And that is how they celebrate Christmas in Japan. Or not.

Christmas Dinner in Japan

But first;

Christmas dinner elsewhere