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Happy Halloween (candy!) Thank you, Virginia!



for the experience


In Japan, pretty much every festival with food stalls have at least one selling candied foods.  Usually regular apples and crab apples, erm, I mean “princess apples.”  But a lot of them also sell grapes, pinapple, and strawberries (haven’t tried, pretty good, and unimpressed; respectively.)  In Osaka, however, I saw “candied gummies.”

Given that my favorite candy is ‘sugar-coated sugar eggs‘ I had to try it.  It was 200 yen, and I knew I was being ripped off but I was curious.

out of the package-

I know you can’t tell from the photo, but whatever gummies they used were kind of matte- I guess to get the coating to stick better?

Pretty easy to chew, but that’s really all I can say.


As expected, it was not worth the money, but I ate candy coated candy.  Again.


Cute Easter Candy


The flaws only make them that much more individual, very cute.


sugar-coated sugar eggs

“Bunny Basket” eggs for the year.

Modern Easter

I was walking through Target’s Easter section and found a ton of “easter eggs” in 3 packs (for the reasonable price of $1.99) in various shapes. Click to zoom.

(Disney Princesses, Hello Kitty, Littlest Pet Shop, Elmo, Tonka)
(Optimus Prime head/shape/thing not pictured)

As a bonus, here’s a section from Walmart:

Halloween Candy

Gotta be ready for the early August rush.

halloween crates