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Omg, omg omg omg. I found an ATM that is open until 10 PM. Outside of a convenience store. I will never forget this day and I will tell the future generations of this mythical ATM.

Guess what shape my bra strap is?


I was only in the gym 45 minutes, not a second more.   I don’t think the air conditioning was even on.  Sweat was streaming down my shins in a dozen separate streams, and sweat was falling from my inner elbow by the second exercise.  All the ladies in the changing room were batching, which I find impressive since anywhere from 20-40% of all conversations are bitching about how it’s too hot or too cold.

Two guesses, but both involve revenge


In bird season I have two ideas;
Since it was directly in front of the subway station it could be that someone wanted the staff to clean up poop forever.
Perhaps someone is being annoyed by a night owl tenant and wanted to make them suffer by keeping them up early with massive amounts of noise (and they don’t care about collateral damage. )

sneaker washer, and drier


Looking better, but maybe I’ll spot treat overnight and try again. Maybe they’re permanently stained. :shrugs:

I did this for science.

And no ulterior motive.

Mr. Donut has three “New York”  cronuts, one of which is maple-topped with Holland cream in the center.   So I bought one.   For science.   Clearly.



It tasted amazing. Exactly perfect.

However, it left a solid layer of fat on the roof of my mouth that would not melt.   And since this is Japan, I’m sure it’s 100% shortening.  It tasted really, really good but all I remember is that nasty feeling.  

It would be pure heaven and the only thing I would ever eat ever again until my (premature) death but as it is now, I think I’ll just go with one of their regular donuts which have about 100 less calories (that are 100% transfat) that all remain in my mouth, unmelting, for five minutes.

Immigration: brought to you by Disney!


I’d rather not elaborate.