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This is the kind of person

who would buy a knock-off bag and ask them to put the labels from every company on it.


opposite side:



> Create my DMV account

> Continue


> :tries: Forgot PIN




rockin’ the number plate

I tend to see this fairly often and it baffles me.

a jikoushiki plate

Why on earth would you want it to be EASIER to see your license plate, let alone a randomly generated ID.   (They don’t do vanity plates here.)

How to instill confidence:

I realize that it is thrifty and reasonable to reuse things.  Still

All of the actual details (10, 10, 6, 22, taxi, autobike) have been repainted over on this sign asking for witnesses to an accident.  How many times does this happen?  I’m worried now.


6 Japanese Subcultures That Are Insane (Even for Japan)

Even the tail pipes looked silly.



Recycling is great.  Anything that can not be sent directly to the landfill is nice.  I was still surprised by this:

incorporated NPO happiness net

tempura oil collection truck

ECO project