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Sailor Moon display


at spinns

Gacha Haul


I only got stuff from machines I was willing to accept any prize from, and I dare say it’s all pretty awesome.

Bidoof Bento


I finally found one on Yahoo auctions!  (fortunately the set was cheaper than contemporary ones)


It comes with a recipe to make it in real life.  But I am so, so, so lazy.

Love Hotel Ballon Doll


That’s just sad.



I finally won an auction! They usually go for way the hell over my 4999 bidding limit, but I snagged it for 2000. Please don’t ask what my max was…

Wedding in the Castle on the Moon

Ok, so I have a habit of compulsively buying weird character merchandise.  And it does get weirder than this, but not often in game form.

The box is a bit faded but…

It was unused.

On the back was a fortune-telling game that could be played with only one person, as opposed to the game which is for 2-6.

the board (why yes, I do wear white socks when there are strawberries on the top)

the pieces

the brides and grooms and the “trouble” die, and other assorted pieces and bits

The player pieces… yes, that is a card for you to draw yourself.  I have no idea what you are supposed to do about a figurine, make your own I guess?  At least there’s a base.

And it’s time to start playing.

Makoto is not doing well.

Minako is totally happy/satisfied.

Rei seems to be doing well, then …

Everyone is happy except for Rei and Ami.  GOD, YOU ARE SO HARD TO PLEASE.

At the fork in the road, Ami is not happy enough and gets stuck in an infinite dating loop.

Makoto has a strong start,

but Minako is the first to get hitched.  Rei and Are still dating, unengaged losers.

Next is Makoto,

then Usagi,

and Ami.

But since there is no “old maid” in this game I kept going.

And Rei somehow lands a main character.

After my revenge match with myself (I lost, thank you) I did the fortune telling.

I am fairly lucky in love, extremely lucky in friendship, fairly lucky in marriage, and abysmally unlucky when it comes to money,  health, and the ability to study.

I am going to take that with a grain of salt, thank you.  I did just play a 20 year old game for 8-year-olds by myself on my day off.

And now, what I have learned from the game:

  • Even if there is only one person playing, if you have 5 pieces it takes FOREVER.
  • There are always new reasons to hate Chibi-Usa.
  • It doesn’t matter who you date, the act of dating is what is important.
  • You will keep dating until you are “satisfied”/fed up at which point you get married.
  • When you get married, it doesn’t matter in the least who you marry.
  • You will marry anyone as long as he says yes.
  • If it is your soul mate (“best couple”) you simply get married 20% sooner than other people once you are engaged.
  • If you make another girl unhappy, you can steal her happiness and make yourself happy.
  • Once you are engaged, no one can get in your way, but heaven help you until then.
  • Gay women can’t get married or even date.
  • Self-insertion fantasies are encouraged by creators.
  • If you lose pieces for a game, Bandai will gladly sell you them individually, for a price that makes the baby Jesus cry. ($5 for cards, $10 for game pieces {assembly required})
  • I will do anything to postpone doing laundry.