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100-yen Halloween Costume


Made myself a sweet black cat costume using one, 100 yen neck warmer.

The ears looked nicer from the side; they stood up well.

Inside construction:
shoehorn (already owned), two knee socks (already owned), headband (already owned)

Tuesday version also included black, glowing french-tipped nails (which I already owned):

Hurray for being cheap!

The fancy costume I can do- fake.


No, Gaia, No

I know they have a Facebook application, but it still makes me sad.

dolphin death

Pixel Art from Gaia

I wish I’d saved information on the artist, but it’s much too adorable to not post somewhere.

These would have been bought way back in 2004 or so, so I can’t really search for the artist.

no title


The Talking Feti of Gaia

talking fetus

talking fetus

talking fetus