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I have no idea who this kid is our what they were thinking, but I like their style. No worse than sparkly pink dolphins and rainbows, and less cliche.

Cut/Torn Paper Art



half-assed rose kanazashi tutorial

This is a pretty lame tutorial, I’ve only done this once and screwed up several times as I was going along.  Here is what I have gleaned from my experience.

Honestly, I haven’t the slightest idea what the sizes of the fabric are, since I cut them so long ago.  As the base, you’re going to want five pieces of five sizes that have an even increment. (e.g. 3 cm, 3.5 cm, 4 cm, 4.5 cm, 5 cm).

You’ll use sizes 1, 3, and 5 for one flower, and 2 and 4 for another.  You’ll need an extra piece of 1, 2, and 3 for the middle of the larger flower.  You’ll also want an extra 3 and 4 to make the “knot” in the center.

For the record, that’s:

size pieces
1 6
2 6
3 7
4 6
5 5

Keep the edges from fraying by gluing the square into a rectangle.  This is the only glue used- the rest is stitching.  Glue all the fabric like this.


You’re going to fold it into a square, then fold the square into a triangle then sew.  Do this for all the petals, save for one 3 and one 4.

You’re going to stitch once to keep them in petal shape. FOLD THEM ALL THE SAME WAY.  The stitch is a little above the half-way mark.


Basically from this point on, you’re going to be layering them.  (Now would be a great time to make sure they’re all folded the same way.)



what layering should look like in the end

Stitch ONE layer of a petal to the adjacent one.  You want the “open” end of the petal(the two layers of fabric) to go over the “folded” end of the petal.

Once you’ve got all five stitch the bases together to make whatever-you-would-call-the-above.  Do this for 1, 2, 3, 4,5.


Now you’re going to start on two separate roses.  use 1, 3 and 5 for the larger rose, and 2 and 4 for the smaller one.

Line up the petal layers like so:

and stitch into place.  This is why I didn’t use glue- it gives you more wiggle room as you go along.

For your consideration, here is what the side of the finished larger rose looks like:

Once you finish with one layer, I suggest sewing the top half of the petal on the bottom layer to the bottom of the top layer.  Here’s pictures:

Just so you can see it, I’ve circled it (same photo):

You aren’t going to want to anchor it to the petal, but rather to the base so you can pull it a bit tighter.  It gives the rose a little more shape.

Once you’ve got all that done (phew) you’re going to sew a 1, 2, and 3, together.

Next, for the you’re going to want to do something with the 3 and 4 to make it the center of the rose.  Honestly, I’m not clear what happened.  I just kept tying it and tying it unti I was happy.  Then I sewed it to keep it that way.  Sew the finished knot made from the 4 to the center of the little rose and you’re done with that one!

Once you’ve got your 3 knot, use the three petals you just sewed (above) around the knot into a tiny bud.  Sew the bud onto the larger rose and that is it for the bigger one.

Not bad for a first try.  Don’t really want to do a second, to be honest.




New Kanzashi


Punk DIY

This is a very strange product line.   The book might be great.   But a product line…  way too much.

Generation T

Cheesy slogan showing your unwillingness to buy products made by

You might say “Well, that’s probably just an example of using the letters to show them off.   No one would really put that on a shirt.”

Generation T

shirt ideas- includes shirt with

(You have no idea how much I wish this had better resolution.)

I can’t imagine a better way to become [even more of] a social outcast than a handmade shirt with a catchphrase from 1996 on it.

You might say “But it’s ironic, you know.  It’s like, rejecting society before it rejects you.  Punk has always been about counter culture” or some such.

Generation T


In the punk subculture, the DIY ethic is tied to punk ideology and anticonsumerism, as a rejection of the need to purchase items or use existing systems or processes.

mine.  I think the clearance stickers proves that neither the punk group nor the larger DIY group found this overly massive venture amusing.

Maybe they should have made a deal with Hot Topic.