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Nothing new, except the cherry blossom stickers on the gate.


This label-everything-in-Chinese really struck me as stupid this time. I mean, I’m used to the Irish bar but sigh. Just sigh.


Also, in America, PEOPLE DON’T WALK in front of you when you TAKE A PHOTO, even on a cellphone.  I wanted a little flag to wave I was so happy. T_T

A local restaurant’s contribution to a local festival.



It goes without saying it was a Chinese restaurant.


I forgot about the smog and the driving style.  It’s amazing how I totally forgot.  My sinuses hurt and my tongue is swollen.

Pizza. Hut.  There is nothing more important than cheese.

Other than bread.  Japanese bakeries are the best thing ever.

Things I am Grateful For

  • not being allowed to take my luggage with me because I couldn’t possibly have pulled 90 pounds in a hurry
  • not being stopped because I forgot I had three small bottles of shampoo in my carry on



animal dumplings-
top: “pig”
left: “swan”

animal dumplings-
center: “fish”

There might be others.  I’m just going to be honest and say I can’t tell.