If you could vote for Steven Colbert, would you?  Maybe you can’t in the US, but you can vote for people who look particularly eerily similar in Japan.  [As for voting though, foreigners need not apply.]

It all started with this poster which has a Steven-Colbertesque vibe.

[When as I was trying to find ‘great’ images to support my theory for side-by-side comparisons, I came across another blog’s post- with the poster.   So it’s officially ‘not just me.’]

But it’s not just that candidate, check out Yamada Keiji-

Now I realize that there is not much variation in black business suits and thin-rimmed glasses.  I realize that’s a pretty standard hairstyle.  I realize there’s only so many cliched poses.  But the eyebrows are really, really not helping.

My brain is lost in an endless loop of trying to figure out the chicken and the egg times a massive downward spiral.  (It’s probably just that Colbert is very much succeeding in the art of parody to the point that it is now universal.)

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