Well, officially, nothing has gone right with my aquarium. After waiting weeks to get the filter fixed, then months to get up the will to bust out a piece of glass blocking me from having the filter, and now finally the filter is blocking me from having a cover. Next, I’m sure, the cover will somehow keep me from putting in a light. I don’t know how but it will happen, I promise. I bought the cover anyway, so half of it fits and the other half needs to be trimmed 4 or so inches. Getting a little fed up of not having fish after 4,5? months I’ve just put the fish in anyway. They seem to be happily swimming about or are just merely swimming about. (It’s hard to tell with fish.) Check out my super ghetto set-up:
new aquarium
Like the lamp and the clamp lamp set on the top? I think they’re a nice touch.

Apparently Chocolate House and I have differing ideas on what’s actually a Santa shape:santa-shaped candy

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